This course provides an advanced look at the theory, design, and implementation of differentiated curriculum. Strategies and tools for responsive teaching are researched, used, and reflected upon. Technology is used as a major vehicle to differentiate content, process and product. Candidates will interact with district student information systems, research information literacy and Web 2.0 tools, utilize graphic organizer software, and presentation products. They will create and design a differentiated mini-unit, enhanced by technology and an interactive webquest or website. Projects are field-based, inquiry-oriented and require significant reflection on the effectiveness of both the process and product.

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Course Information

Credit: 3-semester units college credit

Fees: $460 (Includes tuition and fees) – Students are required to purchase the materials separately.

Instructor: Jeanne Janzen, Ed.D.  * [email protected] * 559-593-3371

Endorsement for EDU 960

I overall enjoyed this class. I am looking forward to using my WebQuest in my classroom next school year. – California


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