ATH 930 - Applied Sport Psychology For Coaches

How can we better teach and develop mental toughness in our athletes?  What really allows people to overcome their fear of failure?  What keeps people persisting at something after they have experienced failure? How can a coach create an environment in which the drive to succeed is greater than the fear of failure? For everyone, including athletes, these are very common challenges. Understanding the important behaviors and attitudes (mindsets) which are necessary for success is the first step to actually helping someone acquire persistence, mental toughness, and other behaviors associated with peak performance. This course presents several varied, yet practical, real-life experiences and applied activities to the coach or teacher that will provide an understanding of the role our mindset plays in performance psychology – particularly in sport. Learning how to teach psychological skills necessary for highly successful performance is also part of the course experience. This course can inspire and motivate coaches and their students or athletes toward achievement levels that they may not have felt possible.

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Course Information

Credit: 3-semester units college credit

Fees: $460 (Includes tuition and fees) - Students are required to purchase the materials separately.

Instructor: Dennis Janzen, Ph.D. • [email protected] • 559-287-8389

Endorsements for ATH 930

This course was excellent and relative to my profession. The assignments were applicable and the instructor gave valuable feedback. I really enjoyed it! - California

I have been a coach for over ten years and I thought there were several valuable readings and assignments in this course. I am excited to use this information with my coaches and my program  - New Jersey

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