This introductory course explores strategic methods and best practices in curriculum design and implementation for differentiating instruction that meets the needs of all students. Students will research some of the basics of human learning and what this means for the teaching process. Educators learn and implement successful strategies for “teaching to the diversity” in today’s classrooms. Various methods of assessment and effective feedback strategies are reviewed, with ongoing forums for reflection and refinement of individual teaching practice. The learning objectives and rubric for the mini-unit summative project in Curriculum Design & Differentiation align with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

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Course Information

Credit: 3-semester units college credit

Fees: $460 (Includes tuition and fees) – Students are required to purchase the materials separately.

Instructor: Jeanne Janzen, Ed.D.  * [email protected] * 559-593-3371

Endorsement for EDU 959

This course covers a myriad of strategies that can be used in any classroom. I highly recommend it! – North Carolina

Overall good course. Course topic is important. Good textbook, required readings, videos. Would recommend other teachers take this course.  - California

A well-rounded, relevant, and current exploration into curriculum design for the purpose of differentiation! A great course. – Pennsylvania

This course was very informative. I gained so much understanding in the area of classroom differentiation. The course helped me see that it is possible to reach students in many different ways. Loved the course! - Florida

Excellent class! - Pennsylvania


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