What Students are Saying about Dr. Janzen’s Courses

Endorsements for ATH 900

Nice course, gave me several ideas for my sports programs for the future. – Illinois

This was an extremely relevant course for me to take as a potential administrator and current head varsity coach. The class allowed me to use the information and curriculum immediately in my program. I highly recommend this course to all head coaches. – Nevada

I have some experience with fundraisers and fundraising and found this course to be interesting. There are aspects of fundraising I had not considered, especially at the collegiate level. – Missouri

Endorsements for ATH 901

Coach Janzen created another excellent course that provided me with opportunities to think about how I motivate my athletes, as well as my own coaching philosophy. I would recommend this to any high school coach. – New Jersey

I really loved this course. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in coaching! – Pennsylvania

This course has been thought provoking and immediately applicable for my coaching career. It has helped me break through some staleness and plateaus to reinvigorate my coaching skills and their effectiveness on my athletes. – Massachusetts

Endorsements for ATH 903

Another great course if you are a high school / youth athletic coach. Great for inspiration to develop/maintain team chemistry. – New Jersey

Outstanding course and excellent book for the course (by Bruce Brown) – Wisconsin

I have been a coach for over ten years and I thought there were several valuable readings and assignments in this course. I am excited to use this information with my coaches and my program. – New Jersey

This course had a lot of great material on building team. I really enjoyed it. – Ohio

The course made me reflect on my coaching career in a positive way in order to improve my leadership ability. – Maryland

Enjoyed the course. Text was good, booklets repeat the same information in the text, expanding on it a little. I’ve been coaching a long time and still picked up some usable ideas for my teams. – Illinois

Endorsements for ATH 904

Great course! Will be doing more. – New Jersey

ATH 904 was a valuable course that exposed me to a wealth of extremely useful information and concepts. – Massachusetts

This course was awesome. I have coached for 37 years and the course really caused me to discern. I am very thankful for the opportunity. Dr. Janzen is a great mentor. Always there for me to answer questions and very personable. – Virginia

Very thought provoking course. – California

This was an excellent course. This course has helped me to re-structure my coaching philosophy and move in a direction where I can reach all my athletes. – Maine

I have truly enjoyed your wonderful course and have learned many things which will help me become a better coach and teacher! I look forward to taking your other courses as my career moves forward. – Okinawa, Japan

Endorsements for ATH 905

Thank you for this educational opportunity to grow and further develop my personal approach towards teaching character through sports. – Arizona

ATH 905 was one of the best university classes I have ever taken. Coaching for character…wow! As I proceeded through the course, I realized my PE/health teaching career was in need of a large and substantial tweak! I had forgotten one of the most important parts of life: developing character! This course gave me practical ways to immediately implement and incorporate character development into my daily class times. Best of all, my students are loving it and being daily challenged and transformed from the inside out. Doesn’t get much better than that! Thank you! – California

Very thought provoking exercises. As with other courses I have taken through Fresno and Dr. Janzen, I thought the work load was fair and I learned much in the process. – California

I enjoyed the real life application of the course content. I thought I was actually reading about situations in my coaching career. – Ohio

The course was great. I found it enlightening and incredibly useful. I would love to use the information in my classroom as well as with my soccer team. Thanks! – Pennsylvania

The readings for this course and previous courses offered by Prof. Janzen helped me build stronger relationships with seniors that were on the fence and ultimately led us to the championship game! Thank you. – New York

Excellent book and course. Thanks for being so prompt in grading and responding to emails. Should be required as an undergrad class for any athletic pursuit. – Ohio

Great information that I can apply in my role as a coach and athletic director. – Rhode Island

Endorsements for ATH 907

Great Course! I really learned a ton of relevant and functional information relative towards my career. – Pennsylvania

Endorsements for ATH 908

Enjoyed the class …just wish I would have taken earlier in my teaching career!! – Nebraska

Endorsements for ATH 913

Awesome course for coaches. – New Jersey

Great course from a great University! – New Jersey

Endorsements for ATH 930

This course was excellent and relative to my profession. The assignments were applicable and the instructor gave valuable feedback. I really enjoyed it! – California

I have been a coach for over ten years and I thought there were several valuable readings and assignments in this course. I am excited to use this information with my coaches and my program. – New Jersey

Thank you for providing such an important course. Overall, it has been incredibly useful for working with kids and people in general. I really hope you continue to teach this course and possibly expand on it. – Maine

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