ATH 913 - Plyometric Training for Sport

Plyometrics refers to exercise that enables a muscle to reach maximal strength in as short a time as possible. Such exercises usually involve some form of jumping, but other modes of exercise exist. This course is designed to teach the high school coach or teacher how plyometric training works, why they are used, and how to integrate them into a complete training program. When sound training principles are used, plyometric training offers the mechanism by which an athlete can start quicker, change direction more rapidly, accelerate faster, and improve overall speed. Participants will discover how male and female athletes can improve quickness, speed, and jumping ability while gaining greater coordination, body control, and balance. This course includes numerous illustrated plyometric exercises and a video that uses slow motion, freeze frame, and graphics to demonstrate low, moderate, and high-intensity exercises.

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Course Information

​Credit: 3-semester units college credit

Fees: $405 (Includes tuition and fees) – Students are required to purchase the materials separately.

Co-Instructors: Dennis Janzen, Ph.D. • [email protected] • 559-287-8389 | and

Andrew Herrick, Ph.D., C.H.E.S. | [email protected] | 602-751-2528

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Awesome course for coaches. – New Jersey

Great course from a great University! – New Jersey

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