Answering a Call to Singapore

Eight years ago, my wife, Jeanne, and I went to Singapore by invitation to teach seminars on restorative justice and discipline. Singapore is a country—more precisely, a city-state—that still “canes” people as part of its legal and disciplinary culture. While there, I also consulted with the coaches of the Singapore Girls Youth Volleyball National Team. In a very short time, we developed some wonderful friendships.

Last November, one of these friends contacted me asking for recommendations for candidates for the Singapore Indoor National Volleyball Head Coach position. In response, I forwarded them a few names. To my surprise, they emailed back in December, asking if I was interested in the position. After listening to the counsel of many good friends and family, it became clear that we should seriously consider this amazing opportunity. For many years my wife and I had talked about spending some time overseas. We love international travel and experiencing other cultures. Furthermore, Singapore is one of those amazing places that we fell in love with on first sight. The chance to serve in a position as important and influential as the national team head coach is humbling and exciting.

Adventure, opportunity, answering a call? Probably all three. After a lifetime of highly successful coaching in North America, I have accepted this call to become the new Singapore Indoor Volleyball National Team Head Coach.

Everything seems to be coming together in miraculous ways. My wife can continue her online university graduate teaching and leadership position while living in Singapore. I will be able to continue providing quality professional development coaching courses at a university level through this website. In fact, this experience will likely enhance the depth and quality of these already popular coaching courses.

We begin this adventure in Singapore in late July. Jeanne and I are thankful for the opportunity and call to serve.

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